About Me

I am an English woman of indeterminate age, happily living out the rest of my days in Ariège in the French Pyrenees, where I am at war with half a hectare of pasture land. I am trying to turn it into a wonderful garden. It lacks imagination and just wants to be a field. There is also a barn which I would like to be a house but so far it is still a barn, so I am living in the potting shed. When not gardening I like to take photographs, read, cook, make preserves and learn Italian. I am surgically connected to my iPhone.


15 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Gilly, what a fabulous idea, i love it! and impressive to be writing from an iphone, it looks great. all well here though extremely busy. I go to america in just over a month was really hoping that i would get down to france before i go but it looks unlikely! Hope u are both well lots of love xx

  2. I am looking forward to seeing more of this blog. I’ll be following how you manage to cope in that tiny shed, and how you convince the pasture to become something like a garden. Such plans you have! Can’t wait to read about them.

  3. Just found your blog on Blotanical – we also live in France – up in the north in Brittany and took on a total rennovation of house and garden and lots of hard work and lots of fun too! We infact visited the Pyrennes a few years ago and went through the Ariege – it’s so beautiful down there and the walking was wonderful… one of these days I’ve promised myself to return and do a trek on those beautiful Meren ponies! Bon courage with your project – I will look forward to seeing the progress over the months to come… Miranda

  4. just found your blog…….i live in the south west but spend a lot of the time in the pyrenees …….i see your’e a keen gardener, which I”m also too…..you can grow so much out here in this climate. wishing you the best of luck and looking forward to reading your blog !

  5. Do please continue with your blog! I’ve only just found it, enjoyed what I found…..and lo! No more entries since July. Still, that’s gardens for you. My garden’s hardly had attention since July, but I’ve written more blogs – can’t do both.

  6. I had to say Hi as I am also a Gillian Elizabeth! How about that…

    I enjoy your tweets and it’s good to hear from you in France. Just started serious blogging. How do you find wordpress?



    • Hello Gilly

      I like WordPress alot, have found it much easier than Blogger. It also has a very easy to read iPhone format, which helps me because I blog from iPhone. Good luck with your blogging.

  7. Life in a potting shed; i’m in the hautes pyrenees in an olde grange which i am trying to renovate and plant a garden, it would be interesting to hear how you are getting on?!

  8. Well done, you! I’m very impressed. Lola

  9. Just found your garden on pinterest and fell in love with it, we live in the Limousin, and we too have a field. but are not as brave as you are and happy to let it be a field. We also have a garden and a side plot too, bon courage with your field.
    Like your field I have a blog too, but not half as interesting as this one.

  10. Stephen Peters

    waving from Meze = love your little iris today. All sorts of unexpected lovelies seem to have actually survived the frosts and the dryness and our garden is beginning to look hopeful once more. Must say the mimosa tree, while singing with blossom, is looking decidedly seedy around the leaves.
    The Penstemons seem to be the champions – though today discovered one pelargonium which survived everything too. And the lemon trees which looked terminal now also have some blossoms beginning, even as they continue to drop their leaves. It’s all a wonderful mystery. Good luck this next week – we may get our first real rain in several months!!

    • Hello Stephen. Mimosa and lemon trees – not around here sadly. I’m always surprised how tough the penstemons are and I’ve got one pelargonium that survived too, not bad after -17°. And it’s lovely to see everything starting up again – it all needs the rain that is forecast.

  11. Finally, a french gardening blog! I look forward to following you as you create your wonderful little world in France.

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