Photo Friday

What do you do when you missed ‘Wordless Wednesday’ and you have some pictures you want to share? You do a ‘Photo Friday’, which has the added benefit of allowing words.

I have two things to celebrate today. Firstly, a new look blog, not very different, but I felt the need for a change. If anyone knows what the seed heads in the header picture are, I would love to know. And, secondly, the first tulip has opened and the first iris. Yesterday, they were still tightly closed, today, despite the cold, they are yelling “look at me, aren’t I gorgeous?”

Here is tulipa ‘Stresa’


The bad weather has damaged both the petals and the leaf tips, unfortunately, so perhaps ‘gorgeous’ might be overstating it a bit, but it is there, brightening up the sunny rockery, and that’s just fine.

The iris was more of a surprise. It is in a bed just outside the potting shed door, where it doesn’t get much sunshine. I swear that yesterday it had only just started to push through the soil. Her name is ‘Pauline’ and she is tiny but quite, quite perfect.


And, finally, not a bulb but the blossom of a tree I had read about and coveted for years but had never seen, a Cornus Mas. I finally planted one last autumn, just a baby, not even a metre tall, but it is covered in little packets of blossom growing along the stem. And what blossom.



17 responses to “Photo Friday

  1. Arabella Sock

    I’ve got Pauline flowering – actually almost finished. She is very pretty.
    Your tulip is incredibly early

    • Arabella: Stresa is an early tulip and it is in the warmest place in the garden, but I’m still surprised it beat the daffodils, which should start opening in the next couple of days.

  2. No, I don’t know what your seed heads are called. And yet I feel I shall be yelling ‘Oh yes, of COURSE’ when someone finally tells you what they are.

    Though our snowdrops are still just about fine, and the crocus have been magnificent for weeks now, there’s not a daffodil or tulip in sight. And if there’s one thing I miss about England at this time of year, it’s the daffodils everywhere, from inner city ring roads to suburban gardens.

    What’s this about ‘Wordless Wednesday’ by the way?

    • Margaret: We should have daffodils in the next couple of days and I agree about the lack of them here, not proper spring without them.

      Wordless Wednesday started on Twitter I think. People post photos with no words (well just titles sometimes) either on Twitter itself or on one of the Photograph apps or on their blog. I did it most weeks when I first started but am out of the habit.

  3. Good to see signs of Spring around the corner !

  4. Who, or what, is Pauline? She’s very lovely and I want her. We’ve got a tulip too, just one, very like yours. No idea where all the others are. Daffs on the point of opening; violets everywhere. But where’s all the forsythia? Ours is showing no signs of action and I’ve not seen any out yet, anywhere 😦

    • Hello Kalba: Pauline is a miniature early iris. She’s only about 6 inches high. Our violets are still recovering from the cold and snow, normally they would be lovely now. And, yes, what’s up with the forsythia? Nothing happening with ours either.

  5. Cornus mas is on my list of shrubs to plant this year, the blossom looks like it’s wrapped up in minuature packets.

  6. I have tulips going over already. That Iris is a beauty 🙂

    NB Wordless Wednesday isn’t a twitter thing. It’s a blog meme with it’s own blog:

    Lot’s of people have adopted it all over the place without knowing where it came from.

    • Michelle: thanks for the link, I should have checked about Wordless Wednesday. Tulips already going over? I haven’t had my first daffodil yet!
      PS You didn’t get spammed this time.

  7. Without wishing to offend those bloggers who do post Wordless Wednesdays (I can see the discpline could be helpful) blog whatever you want whenever you want – just as you have with your little jewels.

    • Ms B: The title was just me playing about with alliteration, to be honest. Like Thilent Thursday and Silent Saturday (all started on Twitter – where else!). I’m glad you liked my ‘jewels’.

  8. I used to have this header. they are not seedheads I think they are cacti.
    Why not create your own header? It’s really easy to do 🙂

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