Winter has arrived in Ariège


I have been trying for days to write a post about reducing the amount of plastic packing I acquire. This may be an important issue (it is to me) and there may be people who would like to read about it (or not) but it is not terribly exciting. It is boring me and I’m writing the thing.

So it is on the back burner for a day or two while I show you some nice pictures of snow and waffle on some more about sprouts and micro greens and … what’s that you say, tell us about the plastic?

I have little that is new to add to previous 52 Week Salad Challenge posts. My sprouting is most successful when I stick to mung beans, chick peas and alfalfa; my attempts this week at beetroot, broccoli and aduki beans have been a total failure, presumably due to old seed, although in the case of aduki beans I would say that frankly they are just red mung beans with attitude, which is to say I always have trouble with them, whatever I try to do. So I’ll stick to the Gillian-friendly mungs (which, strangely, are called soja in France).

My micro greens growing under the roof light are still underperforming quite spectacularly, apart from the dead ones. I am soaking some peas today which will be sown and added to the micro greens graveyard nursery tomorrow.

Winter seems to have arrived at last, due, according to France Météo, to cold winds from Japan, which makes a change from Siberia. It snowed all day yesterday, this morning the sky was clear and the temperature was -10°C, which is ‘flipping chilly’ in anyone’s book except the Siberians. As soon as the sun was up this morning I donned every bit of warm clothing I could find, grabbed my iPhone and took a few photographs of the garden. The one at the top is the kitchen terrace and beyond it the hill called Arp.

This is part of the area we call the Winter Interest garden and it was living nicely up to its name this morning.

Here in the Round Garden is a beautifully whimsical seat designed and built by Alec.

The coppiced willows look superb against the blue sky, the wavy shadows on the snow give extra interest.

These two pictures made me smile. The laurel leaves look like spoonsful of snow and the arm of the bench on the right – well I’ll leave that one to your imagination!


15 responses to “Winter has arrived in Ariège

  1. Hi Gilly – have you tried sprouting puy lentils yet? I like them a lot – almost as much as chick peas 🙂

    I love your garden seat – it looks inviting even in the snow!

  2. No snow here (SW France) unfortunately:(

  3. i’ve just dusted off my old sprouting jar and am soaking a mixed selection of seeds…..inspired by all of you, haven’t sprouted for ages! i think your garden photos are fantastic and I particularly like the laurel leaf spoons and the snow torso 😉 Stay warm Gilly!

  4. No Gilly, sadly none as yet:)

    Temps down to -7°C though:(

  5. a sprinkle of snow here in les landes, but i am just back from the pyrenees where i spend most of my time and we had buckets of it there, had to walk to the cabane….love your photos and have been reading your posts.

  6. I have been trying to cut down my plastic use as well, i try to limit my rubbish to one black bag a month…..i am not finding it that hard if i remember to buy ‘loose’ food…..sometimes the bag lasts 2 months, i don’t put any food scraps in it, so it doesn’t smell……
    have you still got lots of snow ?

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