Snow in May – a little ditty

The sun is out, the snow is starting to melt and I am feeling slightly calmer. So here is a little ditty based optimistically and possibly a little prematurely on the final verse of Allan Sherman’s song ‘Camp Grenada’:

Wait a minute,
Snow is going,
Plants are living,
Plants are growing,
Making new shoots
Without my aid,
Blogosphere chums
Kindly disregard that tirade.

NB. If you don’t know the song you will find it on on this link (I hope) –


2 responses to “Snow in May – a little ditty

  1. I’m always amazed at how plants seem not to suffer damage even though weighted down by all that wet snow. Yesterday morning it snowed like mad and I was back to worrying about the garden. By late afternoon, the snow was gone and the plants looked fine. (I must say I have been worried about your abricots thoiugh!)

    • Kate: In fact, now the snow has nearly all melted, the damage looks pretty extensive – not permanent, but extensive. I’ll blog about it soon, after I have done a full survey and taken some pictures. The one thing that does seem fine are the apricots. Hurrah!

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