Wordless Wednesday : Three plants in their landscape


6 responses to “Wordless Wednesday : Three plants in their landscape

  1. Glorious plants,sky and background Gilly. Is that snow I can see on the hill tops?

    • Anna: yes, the snow tends to stay on that hill for quite a while, it being north-facing. There is still lots on the mountains. And I’m glad you like my greenhouse floor – I love it!

  2. patientgardener

    Ah a silent WW post!!!
    I do like seeing the plants against the backdrop, gives an interesting sense of scale

  3. What are those sort of pillowy, quilted looking rows in the distance on the hill? and is that a sumach on the bottom? In Canada we wouldn’t see those flower clusters till late summer.
    What lovely surroundings you have. Must be divine to wake up to.

    • Sarah: There are two patches of trees in rows on the hillside, the darker green are conifers and the pale green are almost certainly beech trees. I love the contrast between the two at this time of year. Local gardening wisdom here is that it isn’t wise to sow anything outside until you see the first green appear on those beeches. That happened about 4 days ago.
      And yes that is a sumach and the flowers are last years, I don’t know if I should have removed them, but they still look good, don’t they?

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