Wordless Wednesday : The new cat in town, 21 April 2010


6 responses to “Wordless Wednesday : The new cat in town, 21 April 2010

  1. I love this, both that it’s in black and white, and that it does indeed tell a story. Some people seem to think that cats don’t convey expressions very well, to which I invariably reply that said people don’t watch cats very closely. Last night, a feral cat we’ve been feeding walked across the deck. Several of our indoor cats got all swelled up and indignant, and Mungus in particular was letting out these unearthly, ‘if I was out there you’d know whose place this is, and it isn’t yours’ yowls from himself. (He, like all our brood, is neutered; if we can tame down Mr. Wild Feral handsomeness, he’ll be neutered and needled too.)
    Cats are some of my favourite people, does it show?

  2. Really neat photos. LIke the showdown pic with the ramp. Also like the black and white.

  3. You’re intruder cat is really rather pretty and looks in very good condition – do you know whether it is a neighbours cat or not? I love the pictures

  4. I love cats, and your photos are so beautiful.

  5. Jodi: Cats are full of expression aren’t they? These two were making ‘i don’t know if I can trust you yet’ noises and everytime the stranger came anywhere near me Pogo let out a ‘she’s my human, get away’ hiss. Very comical.

    All: Thank you for kind comments, I am glad you liked the black and white, I wasn’t sure if it would work. I don’t know where this other cat is from, but it is clearly healthy and not afraid of people, not a feral cat. It has visited a couple of times, I am resisting the urge to feed it – so far!

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