Wordless Wednesday: Willow haircut and harvest, 7 April 2010


6 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Willow haircut and harvest, 7 April 2010

  1. Dear Gillian, How very spooky the willows appear having had their annual haircut. But what fun. I do like the way they are spread across the landscape, rather like an army in disarray. The harvested shoots make wonderful decorations. Do you have something particular in mind?

    • Edith: I will be making wigwams and other temporary supports with the cuttings. They will go black in a few weeks, which is a shame, but are so useful.
      I like the image of an army in disarray! That part of the garden is very uneven and has an underground stream, so I decided to keep it fairly natural. One day I will get some bog plants in too, but for now the willows are doing fine on their own.

  2. Gilly, great pictures. I just did the chop on my variegated willow as well, never thought of using the cuttings. Do they not root?

    • Deborah: I saw a picture in a magazine of a willow wigwam. I bundle about six together to make one ‘leg’. You can then use thinner, whippier ones to make horizontals. I have even seen domes made for the top but that is more work than I am willing to do. They haven’t rooted themselves so far, probably because they were already dry when I used them. Obviously, the little ones in the pots I hope will root! I enjoy playing with free stuff like this.

  3. I like the second picture especially. You should have fantastic views there!

    • Tatyana: I like that picture too, the barn is very photogenic. We have superb views of the hills just about everywhere on the land, but can only see the mountains well from the highest parts. From the level of the barn we see a bit in winter and nothing in summer when surrounding trees are thick with leaves.

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