Do I blog or do I garden?

I set myself the target of posting a blog each Monday morning and so far I am not doing too well. The ghosts of university essays and grovelling apologies are rising from their graves and pointing their bony fingers at me.

Last week’s excuse was that ‘the iPhone ate my blog post’, this week’s is that I am too busy. I know – it’s pathetic, there are bloggers out there doing full time jobs, raising families, keeping their gardens in perfect condition and producing umpteen posts a week. I know who you are and I hate you all.

The simple fact is that I am a rubbish gardener. I never do anything at the right time and hence am always chasing around trying to catch up, and never more so than at this time of year.

Spring has not so much sprung as catapulted this year and, as well as the usual seed sowing and general tidy, I am desperately trying to get rid of all the weeds that would not be here if I had been doing my job properly last autumn. Just to prove how bad it is (how bad I am!) here is a photo of part of the potager – most of the greenery you can see is weeds.

Incidentally, that picture was taken from just outside the potting shed and thereby constitutes the first ‘view from the potting shed’ as requested by some readers. Now if you will excuse me I have Mea Culpas to say and weeds to pull. But I’ll be back later in the week.


27 responses to “Do I blog or do I garden?

  1. I know this feeling so well. Am hopelessly behind in the garden and it is chucking it down and cold and I am in here with the laptop. Might take the dog for a walk instead!

  2. I think you’ve managed to segue both with ease & if you don’t feel up to the challenge you can at least think of a different implausible excuse why you haven’t managed it each week.

  3. To blog or garden, that really is the question at this time of year, innit? I garden mostly now with just the odd blogpost (1 per week) thrown in. I’m simply to busy enjoying myself in the garden to sit down and write.

    Gardens are not made in a single season or year, it takes time so don’t despair about yours.

  4. Gilly, it’s great to see the view from your potting shed. All that land ~ I am totally envious (living as I do on an urban plot). I’m the same sort of gardener as you, especially in spring. Enjoy your garden and don’t compare to other people in their seemingly endless multi-tasking perfection. You can always make up for the blog posts during the winter months.

  5. Great post! I’m with you all the way. I hate them too – LOL. I guess I should say I envy them but I’m just too slow and can’t do it all. And I don’t do the right thing in the garden at the right time either. There I said it!

  6. Hi Gilly
    Look forward to more of you British perspective on gardening in France!
    Left you a message on Blotanical ;~D

  7. I can barely manage one post per week in the winter (I also try to publish on Mondays) so that doesn’t bode well for the coming spring. Yes, I’m still waiting for spring to get here. I think most people would rather be in the garden than figuring out a post. That’s what rainy days are for, right?

    Christine in Alaska

  8. patientgardener

    I blog in the evening after I have been gardening as there is nothing on TV. Also, dont forget we all do things at the wrong time, make mistakes etc some people confess to them and other pretend that they are perfect, I prefer the ones that are honest!

  9. Gilly, I just posted a similar blog about the war between blogging and gardening. It’s especially heated right now, isn’t it?!

  10. Gilly, I find that I blog during the week as I am stuck in Toronto, but ecape to the garden on weekends, those are sacred. Mondays fid me with a ton of comments and posts to catch up, but well worth it.

  11. I say “garden”, blogging is just a bonus. Although I have found my blog to be an extremely useful tool in recording my gardening so that I can look up plants that I bought, when things came up and bloomed each year, and directions on how I did things! Blog for you and you will find that it goes much smoother – also; don’t be afraid of succinct posts 🙂

  12. Hi Gilly, I think I’m with Sylvana. Gardening is the main thing. But sometimes you’re tired or it’s dark so that’s the time for blogging. I try to be kind to myself and not feel I have to do either at a regular time. But it’s not easy and takes a bit of stern self talk. Recently I didn’t blog for a whole month just to see what would happen. I found out. Nothing happened. I didn’t get noticeable withdrawal symptoms and my blog and blogosphere were still there. Cheers, catmint

  13. Chill! Just go with the flow. The garden & the blog will not go away so whatever you feel at the time…… as I bite my nails ‘cos I haven’t written a blog post for a while & the garden, well, I have cut the grass!

  14. I remember those ‘ghosts of university’ essays – burning the midnight oil to meet deadlines – I’m still doing it now:) The seeds and plants don’t read the books so will thrive whatever 🙂

  15. Please know, you are not alone 🙂

  16. That’s always a difficult choice! But don’t see why you couldn’t squeeze in some gardening AND blogging time. I have all kinds of time for blogging because there’s no way we can get out there to garden until all the snow goes away and the soil dries up a bit.

  17. As a longtime blogger and even longer-time gardener, I’ll join the chorus reassuring you what you’re feeling isn’t unusual. Blogging is for fun, not a ‘should’. Please just do as your heart wishes–the garden calls, go and have fun. We’ll be here when you get back.

  18. Do I garden, or do housework? Well *that* is a no-brainer. But do I garden or blog? That’s more of a dilemma. At least now it’s light for a while after I get home from work in the evening, so I can do a little gardening while it’s light and then blog once the sun goes down.

  19. Sometimes it can seem like a difficult choice, but you should just do what you can, when you can. It’s so hard to resist being outdoors when the weather is nice. Some days I don’t want to even look at the computer. Other days I can’t wait to read others posts and/or upload some of my own photos. Have fun with blogging…that’s the main point, hopefully;-)

  20. roundrockgarden

    have fun with those weeds, i put my weeding off and had several hundred to keep me busy this past weekend!

  21. What a thoroughly nice lot you all are. I have to admit that ‘Do I blog or do I garden?’ was meant fairly tongue in cheek. I can’t afford to not garden at present, there is so much to do, which was why I rushed out a post instead of spending hours on it like I usually do.

    And you all rush in to encourage me and assure me you will still be there if I disappear from Blogland for a while. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I shall still aim to do the weekly post, but not give myself a hard time if I miss one sometimes, and I shall beat those pesky weeds – if it kills me!

  22. Oh, and I meant to say a big welcome to all the new faces this week. 🙂

  23. SummerHouseArt

    Oh if only there was much more time and energy I always wish. More time in a day to garden, blog and for the studio. I keep coming up with new orderly solutions but somehow it always ends up being totally random what I end up doing, driven by mood, the weather or a creative idea. There are only a few hours a day allowed for them as it is. Go with the flow, I guess and forget about the “shoulds”.

  24. I’m a long-time gardener but a short-time blogger and I’m wondering how I’m going to do when the gardening season here in Edmonton, Canada ramps up and I go back to work full-time at the garden centre and I’m trying to keep up with the planting and weeding in my kitchen garden. It’s encouraging reading everyone’s comments and realizing that real gardeners understand when you’re too busy to blog because you’re in the garden – and, chances are, they’re too busy gardening themselves to read blog posts 😉

  25. I imagine that today may have been…do I follow the Romans, garden or blog? Despite your dilemmas, I just know that once again, come the summer, Gilly’s garden will be as beautiful (if not more) as last year…and the year before that. So, my sentiments are with SummerHouseArt………..go with the flow.

  26. David and Lizzie

    Ah,Gillian,another good blog. Perhaps your question should be Roman ruins and St Gaudens or gardening or blog.
    I could possibly make you all jealous of my wonderful crop of Dandelions.

    Keep up the good work.

  27. Once again, a big welcome to new commenters. It means alot to me that you take the time to leave a comment.
    Lizzie and Jane: Shhh. Don’t tell people I went out for the day when I should have been gardening!

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