Wordless Wednesday: Seasons


13 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Seasons

  1. Gorgeous at any time of the time

  2. Pretty! Tres pretty! 😉 I don’t have a cream garden because of the kittycats. You know what happens with cats and cream.

    • Yolanda: Thank you. I’m hoping that with just the one cat I won’t lose too much of the garden. I have to tell you: when I type your name into my iPhone the intuitive text changes it to Uplands. How’s that for ironic!

  3. Love your garden, I am trying to start a boxwood hedge, but I am finding the weigvht of the snow is pushing it apart in the middle and breaking the centre. Any ideas?

    • Deborah: Thank you. I don’t know what to say about the problem you are having with your box. Mine are very sturdy and stand up to snow better than most things although the tips go pale. But I was lucky that the first winter after I bought them was very mild. Mine are buxus sempervivum by the way.

  4. Dear Gillian, Indeed, no words were necessary for your ‘seasons’ pictures. I loved the formal structure and the exuberant planting in shades of creamy white. It must look and be magical on a summer evening when the whites glow and the scents are heavenly.

    I read your prologue with great interest and see that you aspire to write for James Alexander Sinclair’s ‘alternative’ biscuit blog. I am also a fan of his writing and should imagine that a tale or two from the fully furnished potting shed will be just the ticket!!

    I look forward to reading of your progress in future postings.

    • Dear Edith, Thank you for your kind comments. The garden was, unsurprisingly, my homage to Vita Sackville West’s white garden, but I wanted a softer look, hence cream. I am having some trouble finding cream flowers and have been ‘cheating’ a bit with white ones in the short term. I am going to experiment this year with the addition of brown shades to add interest but still keep a subtle palette. The smell of nicotiana last summer was wonderful, I might just let them stay a while longer.

  5. yap very nice indeed. i fell in love with the first one, the snow season. Our winters are so mild that temp. does not even reaches zero. The summer one is also very pretty. keep posting.

  6. Hi there. I just saw your blog for the first time today on Blotanical. The above is beautiful… I have a soft spot for boxwood hedges, as the library in the small town i grew up in had a boxwood maze out back – a fantastic wonder for a 6 year old.

  7. David andLizzie

    Gillian, those garden photo’s taken in the Summer bring back memories of a wonderful meal with good company, relaxing on your covered terrace. Summer,bring it on. Magnificent garden,we wish ours was 1/4 as good. When do you open to the public?

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